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I was invited to a Lush blogging event in Liverpool this week and loved every lush-filled moment!


Many local Liverpool bloggers attended and we were all welcomed by staff with mountains of mince pies and jammy dodgers and all the mulled wine-or juice- you could want. 

After sampling their christmas rangebath bombs, shower gels & lotions with our noses we were shown by Erin, one of the lovely members of staff, how to wrap gifts with scarfs! 

They have a beautiful selection of scarfs available to wrap presents with as they believe if they packaged their products in gift boxes the boxes would only end up in the bin. Whereas gift wrapping with a pretty, eye-catching scarf-a much more interesting and unique idea- is more likely going to be kept as part of the gift or even reused as wrapping for future occasions. 

Erin showed us quite a few ways of wrapping gifts with their gorgeous selection of scarfs, including how to make a scarf gift bag! 

I loved looking all the different scarf designs especially the festive santa one.

We then moved on to the demos, which I was really excited for!

Before watching the bath bombs fizz away (which was the best bit), we got to try out some of the other Lush cosmetics like the Bubblegum lip scrub & the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner that smells exactly like candy floss!

We got to see the 'Never Mind The Ballistics' bath bomb and it didn't disappoint! This bath bomb is no ordinary bath bomb. One side is yellow and the other is pink where it has been dipped in to a bath melt! This bath melt doesn't just melt in to your bath, it melts in to you! While dipping my hand into the water I experienced the essential oils melting in to my skin, making my hand feel so supple. 

Next, we were introduced to Lush's make up range. I've never really though of lush making anything other than bath & shower products but after seeing & trying a few of their make up products I can't wait to get my hands on more! 

I was really impressed with their eyeshadows and especially their eyeliner with all the different colours it comes in like black, blue, green, purple, gold and more.

My favourite was the sugar plum fairy lip tint which is a lovely & vibrant shade of purple. The scent alone was amazing- like plums. 



I don't know how this happened, but we were suddenly doing the mannequin challenge! Everyone was stood still in an animated position while someone swept through recording on their phone. I decided to pose with my vlog camera pointed at a lush product in my hand. Never in my life has my body resisted being still so much. It really was a challenge.

After being frozen in place for 3 minutes we ventured upstairs to Lush's Spa. They have many different treatment rooms including a massage room, where we watched someone enjoy a massage... which is not weird at all. We also got to watch some kind of magic potion thing from their 'Synaesthesia" treatment that sets the mood for your personalised treatment. 

Throughout this event there was live music & christmas songs being performed, which I thought was a nice touch as it really created a festive atmosphere.

At the end of the event we were all given goodie bags of lush products! Mine contained a very christmasy santa bath bomb, Rose jam shower gel, santa baby lip scrubsugar plum fairy lip tint & a beautifully designed treatment booklet for my future visits to lush.

A big thanks to lush for doing this event! I had so much fun seeing their new products, exploring their treatments, learning things and trying a few cosmetics. I so excited & can't wait to use my goodie bag, particularly the rose jam shower gel as I have't tried that yet! 

Check out my vlog of the Lush Bloggers Event

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Comment your favourite lush bath bomb below! Mines Dragon's Egg and not just because I like Game Of Thrones!