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My name is Emilie.        

I am a photographer, blogger & filmmaker from Liverpool who also has experience in social & digital media. 

As many young people know, it's difficult to find a job. Especially one your good at. Nowadays, applicants need to find ways to be different and catch the employers attention- which I have tried many times and have apparently not succeeded. 

In an attempt to set my self apart I've decided to write this blog post on 7 reasons to hire me. I know, I know. How narcissist of me, but what can I do? I need to stand out. Whether you're looking for a photographer, social & digital media manager blogger, filmmaker or any other related jobs - I can guarantee all of the reasons stated below will apply to the position. 


Dear Potential Employer, 

I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this blog post. So, please grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit and have a read. Thank you. 

7 Reasons To Hire Me


1. I Am Experienced

I have over 5 years of experience in photography and 3 years experience working in social media management, digital media marketing. I am experienced in blogging about photography, local events and restaurants. I have shot, directed & edited short filmsadverts and promotional videos. I have also studied media which has earned me a BTEC Level 3 Media qualification at grade triple distinction.

While working in photography I have have learnt and developed a high understanding of cameras, lenses, software, auto/manual focus, exposure, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, composition, rule of thirds, depth of field and white balance. I have photographed many different types of photography such as portraiture, wedding photography, family photo shoots, concerts, events, newborn, fashion, nightlife, nature & street photography. I exhibit my work through my website EmilieShoots.com, my portfolio book and social media. My work has also previously been exhibited in the Atkinson in Southport. 

Within social & digital media I have learnt & advanced my social media skills, how to market a business online, keep up with current trends, understand google Adwords & analytics and how to create detailed reports.

My work in blogging is mainly a hobby of mine, but occasionally I am invited to launch parties, openings and events to blog. I often write about photography and my own experiences too. Throughout this I have improved my writing skills and networking.

In filmmaking I have explored with different genres, styles, directing techniques, cameras, lenses, software and actors. All of which have made me a better filmmaker. 

Overall, my experiences have allowed me to experiment within different fields of the creative industry, which I feel expands my knowledge of the different aspects of job roles, skills and crafts which can be applied to many parts of job roles. 

2. I Am Self-Motivated

I am a self motivated and enthusiastic person, confident with all tasks set. Working in a photography, social & digital media, blogging or filmmaking environment is what I am experienced in and do best and I believe this self-motivation greatly impacts and improves my abilities for work, specifically within these kind of job roles. 

3. I Am Hard Working

I am very dedicated and fully commit myself to my work. I feel a sense of satisfaction to complete or create something, whether it be within photography, social & digital media, blogging or film. I find working as part of a team helpful as It's always good to have other people contribute ideas and work together. I also work well individually by setting my own work goals to achieve. I Have Excellent Communication Skills when it comes to communicating with clients, customers, responding to online media, comments, questions, enquiries, emails and social media and I believe this would be of good service in a workplace. I have shown this in previous job roles such as a sales assistant where I would assist customers in finding the right item and answer any enquiries they had to the best of my ability. I have also demonstrated this as a social media manager where I managed any social & digital media, customer enquiries, marketed their business online and provided a detailed report on google analytics and Adwords. Throughout education and employment I have obtained excellent attendance & punctuality and I feel my drive to work hard would make a great addition to a team, solo project or company.

4. I Am A Fast Learner

I am very quick at learning new techniques, tasks and roles. I have experienced this when I first became a sales assistant and was introduced to working the till and stock control, which I had previously never done before. Even if I haven't previously carried out the requested task or role, I am very open and look forward to facing new and exciting challenges. I think my ability to learn quickly is a very good skill to have within any type of work, particularly the creative industry. I also LOVE working to deadlines! Yes, you read that right. Throughout High School, College and work I've found that I am most productive when I am working to deadlines. And there's nothing better than feeling productive! I get MORE done, in less time when I feel I am racing against the clock. Even if it's an imaginary deadline I set myself. I believe this frame of mind in the workplace is key to increasing productivity and overall workload, which I could help implement in the work place.

5. I Am Creative

As you can see, I like to approach things differently. One of my favourite things to do is create. I create art with through photography, I create stories through blogging, I create entertainment through filmmaking and I create an interactive presence through social & digital media. I enjoy creating as it gives me a sense of pride, accomplishment and satisfaction. My creativity would fit in well in a work place environment and would provide: resourcefulness, innovation, inventiveness, imagination, expression, originality, ideas and problem solving. 

6. I Am Always Willing to learn

If there's one thing you can count on, It's my initiative to always learn. As a creative I am open to change, I am always eager to learn new things, techniques, terms, skills and having new experiences. I feel this want to always learn fits in well and would be beneficial in a work place. 

7. I Am Determined

The main reason why I am writing this blog post is determination. Determination to find somewhere I can showcase my talents in the creative industries, put my hard working abilities to use and be involved in my passions. I also hope this blog post proves my determination, allows you to see my potential, what I could offer and how devoted I am to work. 

If you would like to know more and are interested in viewing my CV, Please get in touch through my contact details provided:

Email: EmilieShoots@gmail.com

Contact Form: EmilieShoots.com/contact

Phone/text: 07837 893965

Facebook: EmilieShoots


Thank you for reading this blog post, I very much appreciate it and hope to hear from you soon.


Yours sincerely,