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Can't Decide Between Chinese or Pizza? Why Not Have Both! | Dough Liverpool

Can't Decide Between Chinese or Pizza? Why Not Have Both! | Dough Liverpool

Dough is a team of passionate pizza lovers that offer the freshest stone baked 12” pizzas, made with the best ingredients.

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Dough recently offered to send me some of their pizzas & sides to review!

I decided to order their Hoisin Duck Pizza, pepperoni pizza, truffle fries and halloumi fires.

If you can't decide on Chinese or Pizza, their Hoisin Duck Pizza is just the thing!

Made with hoisin duck, spring onions, sesame seeds and cucumber- this pizza is the ultimate 'Friday night in' food. It has such an authentic taste, succulent hoisin sauce and is basically a Chinese takeout on a pizza! I thought the base & crust was cooked to perfection- not too crispy or doughy. What I think would have made this pizza even better is a stuffed crust option with their hoisin sauce. I think this pizza deserves a 4.5/5 stars as it has to be one of the best and most original I've ever tasted. I highly recommend this pizza for those evenings when you're too tired to cook and can't decide between a Chinese or pizza.

Obviously, I wouldn't be a real pizza lover if I didn't try their classic pepperoni pizza! And it certainly didn't disappoint...

Made with Dough's signature tomato sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni sausage- this pizza defines classic! I really enjoyed this pizza as all of the ingredients tasted very fresh and of high quality. My favourite part of the pizza was the cheese, as it was perfectly melted, gooey and has that great mozzarella stringy texture. I really liked the pepperoni too, as it was a lot more flavourful and crispier than other pepperoni pizzas I've had. I think this pizza deserves a solid 4/5 stars as it was very near perfect for me, but I would have liked a cheesy stuffed crust option and a bit more of their special sauce. 

Along with those tasty pizzas, dough sent me some of their sides to try...

I have to say, I was unsure about the truffle fries as I've never tried them before... but I was pleasantly surprised! Coated in truffle oil, topped with parmesan and parsley- Dough's Truffle fries are just something else. I have never tasted fries like that before and I loved how each bite oozed with flavour, melting in your mouth. I also liked the toppings of parmesan and parsley too as it added to the flavour and texture. I think these truffle fries deserve 5/5 stars as they were absolutely perfect and I love how unique they are.

I do love a good halloumi fry and Dough's went down just a treat! Deep fried in their homemade batter, topped with spiced maple and honey dressing- these halloumi fries are just bursting with flavour! The halloumi was cooked to a perfect crispy texture and the spiced maple and honey dressing was a surprisingly lovely juxtaposition of sweet & savoury. I think the halloumi fries deserve a 4/5 as for me, I would have liked a few different dressing options like sweet chilli halloumi fries. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the variety of flavourful pizzas and sides dough has to offer! Dough is definitely my new favourite pizza place and I will be ordering another one of their Hoisin Duck Pizzas and some truffle fries very soon! 

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Make sure to check out all of their new pizzas & sides on their website too!

Dough is Open: Wed-Sat - 5pm - 11pm
Sunday - 4pm - 10pm

Deliveries across Liverpool in Crosby, Waterloo, Litherland & Aintree areas


Thank you very much Dough for letting me blog about your pizzas! I have very much enjoyed tasting and reviewing them! 🍕🍕🍕



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