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The Treat Collective sent me their 'Happy box'

and it definitely lived up to the name!

The Treat Collective is a fun monthly subscription box filled with sweet treat surprises from independent producers across the UK. 

They curate SURPRISE BOXES filled with a selection of the best sweet treats on offer and deliver them straight to your door. 

Every sweet treat that makes it into one of their boxes has three things in common.
 They must be...




What The Happy Box Included...



Helly's Kitchen

Berry Crumble S'more...

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I tried the Berry Crumble S'more from Helly's Kitchen first as I was very curious about it and wanted to try it right away!

I opened the nicely packaged treat to find three ingredients to put together to make the S'more. Which were crackers, berry flavoured marshmallow and a plentiful square of white chocolate. I was very excited at the aspect of 'making it' yourself by putting all the ingredients together to complete the S'more to eat. I put it all together- cracker, marshmallow, chocolate and cracker- and put in the microwave like the packaging suggested to help melt it. But unfortunately, I did not see a specified time to melt it and I over melted the marshmallow and chocolate. Thankfully, this did not effect my desire to eat it or the taste! I loved the berry flavour and the contrast of the sweetness from the marshmallow and the crackers. The chocolate was what brought it all together and made it. I think without, it would not be as a good. The berry crumble s'more was the most original treat in the happy box and was very authentic!


Matt & Ben's Proper Fudge

Salted Caramel

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I very much liked the packaging of Matt & Ben's Proper fudge as it was very aesthetically pleasing and convenient.

Salted caramel is one of my favourite things so I knew immediately I'd like this. And I was right! The flavour is very true to salted caramel and has a good ratio of sweet & salty. I thought this fudge was lovely but for me it was maybe a little too sweet. 

Fudging Lovely

Hot Chocolate

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This has got to be the best hot chocolate I've ever had. And I've had a lot of hot chocolates! 

The flavour was wonderful, very chocolatey but not too chocolatey. It was perfect! A chocolate lovers heaven! I loved the cute packaging too and the aroma itself was pleasing enough. The only downside to this treat was there was only one sachet! 




Comfort Cloud

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I enjoyed the comfort cloud paired with the fudging lovely hot chocolate. I could not think of a better combination!

I thought the marshmallow character was very creative, cute and tasty! I liked the vanilla flavour and soft texture too. I especially loved watching it melt nice and slow in to my hot chocolate! 



Peanut butter chocolate bar

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I think the nomnom peanut butter bar was my favourite treat from the happy box. It's a peanut butter bar, enough said!

I really liked the presentation and packaging especially the little sheep, so cute! It had a great ratio of peanut butter and chocolate, which is curial and made me verrrrrrrry happy! I thought the peanut butter used was very good and tasted great. The chocolate used was darker than I usually like but it was still yummy! If there was a milk chocolate version of this I would definitely be all over it!

Chocolate Cellar

White Chocolate Unicorn

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The best thing about this chocolate unicorn, is it's a unicorn... made from chocolate! It's everything I love. 

I love the presentation and packaging as it lets you see exactly what it is and also tells you to 'Believe!'. Sadly, my unicorns horn came off, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it! I love white chocolate and was not disappointed. The flavour was so nice, chocolatey and sweet. I would of liked this even better if the colourful parts were different flavours but a part from that I loved ever magical moment nibbling on this unicorn!


Where to buy

You can find the treat collective by visiting thetreatcollective.co.uk and

get your box filled with sweet treats! 



Thank you to the The Treat Collective for sending me one of your

sweet treat subscription boxes! 


Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Feel

free to let me know what you think in the comments 😄


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