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The Florist in Liverpool invited me and a plus one to their launch event & we had a 'blooming' good time! 


The Florist believes in the fundamental principles of floristry, to charm each of the senses. Step into a sensory world and discover an arrangement of culinary delights, fragrant cocktails and the art of live music…

It has opened on Hardman Street in the Old Blind School. The building itself is a work of art and is the perfect location for this floral paradise. 

The second you walk in you're immersed in a floral world exciting all of your senses...

The Florist has a variety of rooms both downstairs and upstairs. The ground floor consists of an entry room with seating, main bar and a smaller bar area all divided into three rooms, filled with floral delights, tree features and beautiful lights.

Leading upstairs is a heavenly staircase showcasing The Florist's most Instagramed feature- the flower wall. Off to the side of the famous flower wall is the graffiti art mural by JODY, more of which is displayed throughout the venue. Cascading down the middle of this glorious stairway is a stunning, flower chandelier that really complements the other decor and brings it all together. The upstairs is divided into four rooms; a sitting area, bar and restaurant leading in to a smaller private room all with floral themed decor, neon lights and art.

The florist has an array of unique floral based cocktails

The first cocktail we tried was a COCONUT AND POPPY MOJITO made with Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, poppy liqueur, plum sake, custard syrup, coconut water, lime juice and fresh mint. This was a very refreshing and flavourful drink that transported you to a tropical, flower-filled island. 

We then tasted their speciality cocktail RHUBARB IN BLOOM made with Slingsby rhubarb gin, rhubarb and ginger liqueur, green apple liqueur, raspberry syrup and ginger ale. I really enjoyed this cocktail as it was very fresh tasting, sweet, moreish and really encapsulated the essence of The Florist. 

Later on, we tried their  PEACHES AND PROSECCO cocktail made with Aperol, wild peach liqueur, peach bitters, fresh mint and Prosecco. What I liked most about this cocktail is how elegant it looked an tasted.

My favourite cocktail of the evening has to be their LAVENDER THISTLE, made with Brockman's blueberry gin, blueberry liqueur, lavender bitters, vanilla liqueur and topped off with some lavender stalks. This is a sweetly flavoured cocktail, with subtle hints of citrus and lavender that fill your senses with bliss.

The service was great and the staff were very conscientious, but due to the amount of people the pace was little slow- but worth the wait! 

Coconut & Poppy Mojito, Rhubard In Bloom, Peaches and Prosecco and Lavender Thistle

The Florist offers a selection of masterclasses to choose from...

Cocktail Masterclasses


& Gin Masterclasses


We had a lot of fun taking part in some of their cocktail and floristry masterclasses and loved how unique it was! 

We also got to sample some items from their impressive menu.

A few of the items we tried were their LAVENDER HONEY AND SUNFLOWER LOAF with whipped goat's cheese butter, PROPERLEY SEASONED CHIPS with harissa spice and SWEET POTATO FRIES with harissa spice. 

My ultimate favourite has to be the Lavender & Honey sunflower loaf with whipped goat's cheese butter! It was utterly scrumptious, soft, floral and takes bread to a whole new level!

The best things about The Florist, apart from the decor, is the ambience. 

It has a glamorous, Instagram-worthy vibe and a tranquil, picturesque atmosphere. 

Star Ratings

Experience: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Food: 5/5

Drink: 5/5

Ambience: 5/5

Overall: 5/5⭐!!!

This has got to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. I will definitely be back for another Lavender Thistle very soon! Thank you so much to The Florist for inviting me and hosting such a lovely event! 

Make sure to check out The Florist on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or visit their website for more info

You can also follow #letitbloom on social media to see more photos, videos and posts from The Florist.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments and if you're planning on going 😄 



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